Diploma in Event Management

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January 5, 2020
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January 24, 2020

Diploma in Event Management

Why Event Management

The events industry is a young and exciting industry that has expanded rapidly in the last decade, giving rise to an ever increasing demand for professional event managers. The industry now includes events of all sizes. Many industries, charitable organisations, and interest groups hold events in order to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, coordinate events abroad or celebrate achievement. This course will give you a broad understanding of event management, from concept to delivery.

 Course Overview

This Diploma aims to provide you with a broad understanding of event management, specifically the event proposal, event planning from concept through to event delivery and post event evaluation.
You will be given the required theory, know-how and practical examples to support you gaining employment in the event management industry. You will be taught by lecturers that have a mix of academic and industry background, which give you a practical, career-focused experience.
The course will equip you with the necessary tools to develop an event from proposal, through planning, to completion stage. This will include preparing an event proposal, stakeholder management, sponsorship and other vital essentials required to host an event. You will practice and look at best practice examples through case studies, and an opportunity to visit or volunteer at a real-world event management experience.

Course content


  • The Event Proposal
  • Quality Assuring an Event
  • Marketing an Event
  • The Event Management Industry
  • Legal Aspects of an Event
  • Evaluating an Event

Career Opportunities

On completion of this programme you will have a strong understanding of the event management industry, and the skills required to support running an event. This will help you to seek employment as a coordinator in the event management industry, working in collaboration with a team or independently, or enhance your skill-set within your current employment.

You should be equipped to contribute to the organisation of a range of events, from catering and charity events, to sports and political events.

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