Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics

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January 24, 2020
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January 24, 2020

Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics

Why Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive Analytics is widely used in marketing, financial services, retail, travel and many other areas. The field is growing fast, fuelled by availability of new data sets and sources, increases in computing power, and the ongoing, relentless search for competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. It uses a number of advanced techniques, including data mining and modelling to help decision makers with future forecasts. It aims to predict the probability of the occurrence of future events such as customer churn, loan defaults, and stock market fluctuations.

Predictive Analytics involves everything from sophisticated statistical modelling to relatively simple data mining and is transforming virtually every industry as it provides the ultimate competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics involves everything from sophisticated statistical modeling to relatively simple data mining and is transforming virtually every industry as it provides the ultimate competitive advantage.

Reasons why this course is for you:

  • Are looking to change your role from ‘observer’ to ‘strategist’ and ‘analyst’ by applying Predictive Data Analytics tools and techniques to increase business performance?
  • Do you want to apply theory into practice and start building a more data-driven culture within your organisation?
  • Do you want to understand the art and science of predictive analytics to define clear actions that result in improved decisions making and business performance?
  • Do you want to develop actionable plans from existing corporate data and initiatives to increase sales, reduce marketing costs, and improve customer retention?
  • Do you want to select, prepare, construct, integrate, structure, and format data to be most effective to ensure the predictive model meets the business goals?
  • Do you want to understand the use and assist in the selection of industry standard analytics tools?

Course Overview

The Diploma in Data Predictive Analytics will introduce you to many of the popular advanced statistical techniques used in the field of marketing and financial predictive analytics. On the course you will learn the multivariate techniques used to transform information from large data-sets into actionable insights. You will gain hands-on experience using Rapid Miner [a software platform for data preparation and predictive model generation] and prepare to be a part of this growing field.

The skills obtained through this programme will enable you to shift roles from ‘trusted observer’ to a more commercial role as strategist, analyst and adviser. You can move to a role where you actively partner with management and operations functions to influence the direction and decisions of the business on a day-to-day basis.

On the programme you will also be introduced to both ‘big’ and ‘small’ data; learn how to manipulate, analyse and interpret it in sophisticated ways; and realize how to present this in a persuasive and influential manner. It will teach you how to identify situations in which predictive analytics can add value by better meeting customer needs, through the smarter allocation of marketing budgets and by improving financial decisions.

Course Content

This programme will teach you how to identify situations where predictive data analytics can add value by better meeting customer needs, realising smarter allocation of marketing budgets, and improving the financial performance of your company.

You will know when to use the following modelling techniques, and understand their relevant pros and cons:

  • Factor analysis for data reduction
  • Multiple regression for prediction purposes
  • Multiple discriminant analysis for classification
  • Cluster analysis for better segmentation

Course Content

  • Business Intelligence and Data
  • Power BI
  • Data Mining
  • SQL
  • Types of Analytics
  • Python / Jupyter

Career Opportunities

‘Data analytics was the fastest-growing skill in demand and demand is set to continue in the years ahead. ‘Data Analysts are in strong demand in industries as diverse as: pharmaceuticals, marketing, finance and insurance, as well as cloud computing. Prospective employers, therefore, include any company that requires detailed, robust analysis of data sets; some examples include:

  • ICT companies
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The financial services industry

Who Should Attend

This course is suited for a variety of different experience levels. We invite anyone who is eager to learn more about data analytics and predictive modelling to join us. More specific groups include: Business managers who want to have a better grasp and understanding of data models and how to build a strategy based on this data. Marketing and Financial Professionals who wish to improve their analytical skills Individuals with a technical background interested in marketing or financial data analysis Individuals with no technical background interested in exploring careers in data analytics.

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